How To Make Use Of An Android Device As A Bluetooth Gamepad

How To Make Use Of An Android Device As A Bluetooth Gamepad For Another

The application which transforms your Android gadget into a Bluetooth gamepad and enabling you to control the other host devices can be BT controller. Like Tablet Remote, BT Controller should likewise be introduced and running on both the gadgets the host and the controller that are combined with each other over Bluetooth.

About The BT Controller

At present this application just works with some of the emulators and backings controlling only with one Android gadget with the Bluetooth. This is an application with the android support that enables clients to utilize their gadgets to control whatever another present Android gadget.

What To Do

USB joystick

The best game controllers in Bluetooth are the in the market to have as they offer the user to experience the comfort of making a controller like game pad through their smartphone in playing a game. If you are ready to obtain the goodness of this app, then you should go through a process of installing this particular app on both the device like the host and the controller.

Follow These Steps

  • After completing the installation, simply open the app BT Controller on the Android gadget and permit Bluetooth function on the two gadgets.
  • Find and associate with the next Android gadget in that place (additionally having Bluetooth).
  • Once done, simply make a start by enabling the app and keep the BT app to remain active.

In to clear the doubts of the user this application is tried using with few emulators like Mame4Droid, DroidEmuLite and FPse. BT controller is a free app but you may see some ads popping up on that app. If you need a comfortable app without any ads you can just buy it for an amount of $1.02.


  • Can make use of your Android smartphone as a controller such as a gamepad.
  • Various emulators and gaming software have tried using the BT Controller.
  • The facility of ad free options is available in paid versions of BT controller app.